BBH Hotpot Set (min 2 servings)

BBH Hotpot Set (min 2 servings)

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Melbourne has a new hotpot player in town! Our beloved Bún Bò Huế soup has the perfect flavours for a good hotpot session. You can control the spice level with our homemade BBH Chilli. Perfect for a cold night. 

Serves Two. $22 per extra person/serving.

What you get with the set for two:

  • BBH soup 
  • BBH noodles
  • BBH chilli
  • Beef shanks, beef balls
  • Raw hotpot meat: beef and pork
  • Quail eggs
  • Greens : Bok choy and cabbage
  • Enoki mushrooms

*Pot and beers not included.